Cycling Costa Blanca

Cycling the perfect sport in the Marina Alta and on the Costa Blanca

Many cyclists come to train and tour the mountains of La Marina Alta. These are perfect for tours of any level of difficulty. Cycling on the Costa Blanca has become very popular in recent years. The mountain passes of the Marina Alta are perfect for high-level training for professional cyclists. One of the stages of the tour of Spain “La Vuelta de España” from time to time takes place on the Costa Blanca. One stage comes to Oliva and next day the race will start from Denia towards the mountains on the Costa Blanca interior site.

Cycling events are back soon on the Costa Blanca

We can no longer wait for the next tour “La Volta ciclista La Marina” that returns on January 8 in its 37th edition. In the historic competition, it began its journey in 1985 and since 1988 it has continued to be held without interruption until 2023. The “Volta a La Marina” has established itself as a reference test among popular cyclists in the Valencian Community.
This year the tour begins in the Marina Alta on January 8 and ends on March 26 and will cover several municipalities. All people are very excited about this sport event.

01/08/2023 – Distance: 64.5
01/15/2023 – Distance: 66
01/29/2023 – Distance: 84.5
02/05/2023 – Distance: 66.4
02/26/2023 – Distance: 74

You can still sign up to participate in one stage of this tour:

Advantages for cyclists in the Marina Alta, Denia and Javea area

Cycling lovers enjoy that race. The Marina Alta area offers many advantages and facilities for lovers of this sport. They even offer suitable accommodations and good gastronomy for athletes.
In Denia we have the Cyclist Café located on the Las Marinas road where you can find clothes, rest and also a post-ride massage which is an essential part of the routine for professional cyclists: it helps so the tired muscles and relaxes sore limbs. So that you feel well again the next day.

At Café Ciclista they have their own masseuse, who offers deep tissue massages and relaxing leg and back massages to help you unwind.

Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy a good cycling race in addition to the ideal climate of our Marina Alta and throughout the Costa Blanca. You might also be interested in this article: Explora vía verde Denia

Golf Courses Costa Blanca

Thanks to the excellent conditions that the area meets for playing golf, there are a variety of wonderful golf courses at the Costa Blanca where you can enjoy this sport all year round. (more…)

Diving in Jávea

Thanks to the large diversity of flora and fauna of the sea ground, diving is one of the most famous activities in the area. It is also do to the great variety of coasts along Javea and Denia and its big diversity of caves.  The rocky bay and the cliffs of the Cabo de la Nao are very famous. Even Cabo de San Antonio has ideal areas for diving. These were declared marine reserve due to the large variety found on the sea ground. Within the marine reserve you may only dive with a special permit. (more…)

Via Verde Denia

If you like cycling, you will love the Via Verde in Denia. For more than 90 years Spain’s oldest, narrow-gauge railway operated here. Today only bicycles roll on the green road – you can have a lot of fun for seven kilometers, it is a very easy bikeride since there are hardly any hills: This bike ride is just perfect!

Via Verde – from Denia to El Vergel

From Denia to El Verger without unwanted cars this is a perfect place to roll. This does not only appeal to children, as there is so much to enjoy for the whole family. From the youngest to the eldest, you can enjoy a calm bike ride or a healthy walk.  Comfortably you can ride over rivers and wooden bridges, past orange groves and almond trees, from rest areas to view points. It is a great way to connect with nature.

This via verde doesn´t stop in Vergel, you can also grab the next one in Oliva that takes you all the way to Gandia! It´s a great way to excersive safely.

It is best to cycle in the late afternoon – you can ride back with a romantic view with the warmest sunset that the Costa Blanca has to offer.

The Ports of Denia

Whoever passes through this area, falls in love quickly with the ports of Denia. While hotels and resorts such as skyscrapers have been built in other places, here you can still notice the old fishing village in the colorful old town.

It all started in the Middle Ages in the Denia Castle. Today, the ascent through the steep serpentines is a must-see. Whoever is up there in the Castle, will see the bay, the sea and the port. And he will also see how the small fishing village has evolved.

In the three marinas or Ports of Denia, la Marina de Denia, the Nautical Club and El Portet there are over 1000 sailboats and yatchs. While having a “cortado” in one of the cafes you can observe the life of the port in a relaxed atmosphere. You can also see the sails of the sailboats, how they move with the wind, and how the big boats leave for Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca. You can also greet the fishing boats that arrive in the afternoon. Every day they bring 700 boxes of fresh fish that they take directly to the great auction room of the port. You can´t miss it! You will not find a fresher fish at Denia. Enjoy!

Route of the Viewpoints of Javea

The “Route of the Viewpoints of Javea” is a wonder for the five senses. Fifteen viewpoints await you to be discovered: lighthouses, windmills, stone crosses, all on the coast with vertiginous cliffs with sweeping views. You just have to lace up your shoes and go out and enjoy, many of these points have direct access to get there by car, others are perfect for going on a route. The sea, the light, the colors… As far as your feet take you, or going down to a refreshing swim in the sea.

An obligatory stop on the “Ruta de los Miradores de Xábia”, is undoubtedly the “Cabo de la Nao” and not only because it is the easternmost point of Spain. Up on its high cliffs, the view is simply amazing. The waves crash against the rocks. The clouds dance around the lighthouse. And far on the horizon, Ibiza appears. Thoughts go. This is called freedom!

Route of the Viewpoints of Javea:

Cap of San Antoni
The Molins
Pointe de l´Arenal
Sequia de la Noria
white cove
Creu del Portixol
The Falzia
Cap Nègre
Cap de la Nau
Les Pesqueres
Chateau de Granadelle

Click here to obtain more information.

Kayak at Javea

Grab a paddle board or a kayak at Javea and head off to the adventure! The Costa Blanca around Jávea is very wild and beautiful, especially when seen from the sea. There are so many corners to visit that one day is not enough to visit such wonders.

It is recommended to start early in the morning, as soon as the sun rises, this is the moment when the sea is at is calmest. Normally from midday the wind around Cabo la Nao begins to blow intensely, making kayaking difficult.

We highly reccomend you to go to one of the stone caves with a kayak at Javea. Some were created by wind and water, others were created by man, but they all have something in common; their beauty. Whoever enters is amazed. What light and what water! Cristal clear! Now all you have to do is to put on the goggles and the tube and start diving. With your head submerged under water, the world looks very different.

There are several companies in the area that do excursions, or if you have experience you can go alone, but we always recommend to check the weather and sea forecast before starting this adventure that will undoubtedly leave you with the best memories.

You can also practice other sports in this area, check our post about Diving in Jávea.

Diving in Denia

Thanks to the diversity of flora and fauna on the seabed along the coast, diving in Denia is one of the main activities. The rocky coves of the Las Rotas area and the cliffs of Cabo de San Antonio are an ideal diving area, which was declared a marine reserve due to all the diferent species found at the bottom of the sea. In this paradise you can find lobsters, corvinas,octopuses, scorpions, even some rays. Different species of fish live in this reserve. As for the flora, there are posidonia meadows and red algae.

Within the marine reserve you can only dive with a special permit. The number of permits that can be granted at the Denia Tourist Office is limited for each day so make sure you have this before you go otherwise you can get a really high fine. If you don´t have time for this you can always snorkle or dive in another area of Denia or Javea, there are many places to see!

This is a list of the best places to dive or snorkel:

  • El Trampoli Beach
  • Black Point Beach
  • Arenetes Beach
  • San Antonio Cape Marine Reserve

In this web you can find the best plans and routes for diving in Denia.

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Windsurfing and kitesurfing

Dénia is one of the best places to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing in Spain.

With the hot winds, the Garbí, the Llebeig,… with a speed between 12 and 15 knots, they usually enter around 2:00 p.m. and if the direction of the wind does not change, it usually lasts until 7:00 p.m. in high season. Here the ideal conditions are met to surf the waves. The season usually starts in early April and ends in late September.

Molins beach is undoubtedly the most virgin kitesurfing spot in the Valencian Community. Its mild weather conditions, both sea and wind, make this Denia beach an idyllic destination for kitesurfing if you already practice this sport. If you want to learn, there are numerous schools in the area where you can take contact with many water sports as well as rent the material.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing Schools

Kite Riders Oliva

Kite 45º Escuela

Windsurf Center Dénia

Windsurfing Dénia

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