Cycling Costa Blanca

Cycling the perfect sport in the Marina Alta and on the Costa Blanca

Many cyclists come to train and tour the mountains of La Marina Alta. These are perfect for tours of any level of difficulty. Cycling on the Costa Blanca has become very popular in recent years. The mountain passes of the Marina Alta are perfect for high-level training for professional cyclists. One of the stages of the tour of Spain “La Vuelta de España” from time to time takes place on the Costa Blanca. One stage comes to Oliva and next day the race will start from Denia towards the mountains on the Costa Blanca interior site.

Cycling events are back soon on the Costa Blanca

We can no longer wait for the next tour “La Volta ciclista La Marina” that returns on January 8 in its 37th edition. In the historic competition, it began its journey in 1985 and since 1988 it has continued to be held without interruption until 2023. The “Volta a La Marina” has established itself as a reference test among popular cyclists in the Valencian Community.
This year the tour begins in the Marina Alta on January 8 and ends on March 26 and will cover several municipalities. All people are very excited about this sport event.

01/08/2023 – Distance: 64.5
01/15/2023 – Distance: 66
01/29/2023 – Distance: 84.5
02/05/2023 – Distance: 66.4
02/26/2023 – Distance: 74

You can still sign up to participate in one stage of this tour:

Advantages for cyclists in the Marina Alta, Denia and Javea area

Cycling lovers enjoy that race. The Marina Alta area offers many advantages and facilities for lovers of this sport. They even offer suitable accommodations and good gastronomy for athletes.
In Denia we have the Cyclist Café located on the Las Marinas road where you can find clothes, rest and also a post-ride massage which is an essential part of the routine for professional cyclists: it helps so the tired muscles and relaxes sore limbs. So that you feel well again the next day.

At Café Ciclista they have their own masseuse, who offers deep tissue massages and relaxing leg and back massages to help you unwind.

Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy a good cycling race in addition to the ideal climate of our Marina Alta and throughout the Costa Blanca. You might also be interested in this article: Explora vía verde Denia

Christmas in Denia

Christmas and Kings in Denia

We love Christmas the cozy time of the year. With its delicious meals, the family gatherings and the traditions. Our climate and many rituals on the Costa Blanca area make us enjoy those dates. Christmas and kings in Denia can be really be fun for everybody. All the streets are illuminated with lights as well as our houses, villas and buildings. A lot of Christmas trees on our balconies together with the nativity scenes that we put next to the Christmas tree. The same you see with churches, schools, town halls and squares. They are decorated with the typical “birth” of the baby Jesus that can be visited. Many cities and towns are filled with Christmas markets where many families enjoy sweets, decorations and workshops. The children enjoy this a lot, knowing that the gifts will arrive soon.

The three kings

Speaking of gifts, our children are doubly happy. Because they receive their long-awaited gifts on December 24 at night or on December 25 in the morning, brought by Santa Claus. But also by the Three Wise Men, famous three kings who arrive on the night of January 5. Just after the famous parade that they do through the streets of our cities. This three kings come with horses, camels or in huge illuminated floats throwing sweets to the children. They are waiting impaciantly for them, ready with their bags to pick the sweets up. But in Denia before the parade, Melchior, Gaspar and Baltazar arrive with a boat from the Far East loaded with their gifts.

For Three Kings Day, let’s not forget our roscón de reyes made with candied fruit, with cream, without cream, but above all, knowing in which piece the figure of a Wizard King will fall, with whom you will take the crown or otherwise the broad bean, and you will have to pay for the roscón.

The Christmas Lottery

Before those exciting days we have the famous day of the Christmas Lottery that the children of the famous San Ildefonso school in Madrid “sing”, followed by millions of Spaniards dreaming that they will win a prize. Also for January 6 there is the lottery of the Child and continue with hope.

New years eve in Denia and Javea

For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, many families gather for lunch or dinner with grilled meats or our famous “puchero” with meat balls, not forgetting our famous prawns as an appetizer. All to enjoy with our famous wines and our Moscatel along with our excellent nougats.  On New Year’s Eve, friends gather in houses or restaurants to eat the 12 grapes after dinner with each stroke of 00:00 on December 31 in the town halls. Even in the church squares wishing an unbeatable New Year. All those emotions with a very mild climate for those dates that we like a lot, make it worth to pass your Christmas days in Denia.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023 with Quality Rent

Noche vieja Denia2022 y 2023

Spain roscon reyes

three kings reyes magos

Holiday home with private chef

We are proud to our latest collaboration with Denistars private chef services for your holiday home. We are always looking to give more service and quality features to our clients. Now if you want, you can book a breakfast service or chef diner directly in your holiday villa. Careless holidays… imagine to wake up in the morning, open your terrace door and the breakfast table has been already layed. With fresh bakery products, fruits and the smell of a nice coffee. This can be true. Your breakfast menu offers you a variaty of dishes, each day different. And all dishes done directly in the kitchen of your holiday villa or house. You can choose from a breakfast menu card and determine the days and times you wish to have it.

Pallea, Barbecue and co. – your private chef at home

we know that a lot of clients would love to have a fresh paella to join it with family and friends at the holiday home. But especially non spanish clients, dont know how to do it. Or maybe you wish to have a nice barbecue or diner in the evening? Bbut you dont want to waste your worthful holiday leissure time to go to supermarket, preparing and cooking fresh and tasteful plates during your vacation. There is no need for this ! Just book Denistars private chef and they prepare nearby all your favourite meals. Tasteful plates, dishes and Barbecues directly in the holiday home you booked.

You will be surprised how good the food tastes as it would be prepared with fresh food directly from the market, local providers or fish each day freshly delivered from the fishermans boats. Even meat will be highest quality and standards. And the best, all for a really reasonable price. Enjoy private and direct service for the price of a visit in a good restaurant.

Denichef catering holiday

holiday home sea food

Paella in holiday home

Theme parks in Benidorm

Would you like to spend a funny day at the theme parks in Benidorm with your family or friends during your holiday? Then you are right here. You will find the nearest amusement parks close to Denia and Javea, just 25 minutes away by car. The most important amusement parks, whether water parks or theme parks, can be found in Benidorm.

At Aqualandia you will find many different slides, swimming pools, etc where you can spend an unforgettable day with a wonderful view of Benidorm. It is the first water park built in Spain. They constantly renew the attractions.

Mundomar offers various shows and experiences such as swimming with sea lions or dolphins. There are different species of mammals, birds and reptiles that you can take photos with.

Terra Mitica is the theme and amusement park that takes you straight into history, to the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean. You can visit Egypt, Greece, Iberia, the Islands and Rome in a single day. Terra Mítica offers many shows and attractions that will amaze you and get your adrenaline pumping.

Aquanatura, the newest 28,000 square meter water park designed for the whole family. It allows parents to rest and relax while children play and have fun in the water. You can see sea lions and take photos with them to make your day unforgettable.

At Terranatura you can observe more than 1,500 animals from 200 different species and more than 2,500 specimens from 160 plant species. Besides animals, Terra Natura offers adventure activities and shows that make it an ideal destination families with children.

Have fun!!!

Market in Denia

The market in Denia, i.e. the weekly market, takes place every Friday morning. At the market in Denia you will find local products such as fresh vegetables and fruits. The smell of the fresh vegetables and fruit awakens the desire to cook and enjoy. There are seasonal specialties for every season. Especially in winter, the tangerines and oranges stand out. Many people take advantage of this to then prepare freshly squeezed orange juice at home. In spring, already from the end of February, we find strawberries. During the summer there are melons, cherries and tomatoes of all kinds. And in the months of autumn a variety of mushrooms and olives is offered. So all year round you can smell, taste and buy the seasonal, fresh goods from the region.

The weekly market is located at Calle La via, directly above the large multi-storey car park in the center of Denia. The market hall “Mercado Central” is also very close by and is definitely worth a visit. The streets of Denia always fill up with many visitors and some tourists on Fridays. After breakfast in the city centre, they are still looking for fresh food from the market. Shop like the Spaniards! So it’s definitely worth stopping by there. Not only to buy fresh products, but also to get to know the atmosphere and everyday life of the local people. A chat between the stalls is part of the lifestyle. You exchange ideas. And they tell each other the news of the week.

All sorts of souvenirs at the Rastro market in Denia

The second weekly market takes place on Mondays. All kinds of souvenirs, basketwork, jewellery, clothing, kitchen utensils, textiles, shoes and much more are offered. There you can find a lot of curiosities. Everything is available, from traditional flamenco-style dresses to frying pans. The showmen come from all over Alicante and show their wares in a different market every day. Every village and town in the area has its “market day” and you will find the same goods and exhibitors there. Feel free to ask us when a market is taking place near your holiday accommodation. The Rastro market in Denia always takes place in front of the large courthouse on the Plaza de Paris. There is also plenty of parking there.

Fun in Denia and Javea

You spend the whole year planning a well-deserved break and looking for fun in Denia and Javea. When you go on vacation it is to rest, sunbathe, eat well, go to the beach, swim in the pool, walk, enjoy friends and family. The perfect holiday!

But do you want to spend a funny day? Today you don’t want to go to the beach and you want to do something new or different? Do you want your children to have fun?

With Quality Rent you will have a great time. We have many plans for you all to enjoy together. You can spend a good time in Denia and Javea right between Valencia and Alicante. The Valencian Community offers many options for a funny holiday.

Parks for the whole family

There are theme parks where the whole family will have fun. Water parks, with their different slides for all ages. Natural landscapes, with waterfalls, castles and unforgettable landscapes. Ride a horse. See animal parks as if they were in their natural habitat. For the older ones there are excursions on jet skis, kayaks, quads and spending a different time in the middle of nature in our Valencian Community. Your little ones will also be able to see Dinosaurs… yes, you read that right; Ask us and you will be surprised.

We cannot forget our pets. There is an exclusive water park for them, where they will have a great time and make many friends.

We even have the only and last remaining drive-in cinema in Spain dating from 1979. With a billboard of the latest premiere films that changes every week. You can watch 2 movies in a row and eat delicious sandwiches. We recommend the tortilla with cheese and bacon. But there are much more varieties and also hamburgers with their fries.

Many different alternatives to spend an unforgettable vacation, where the whole family or friends will have a great time. Have fun in Denia and Javea!

Discounts in May

After the Easter holidays are over, the search for the holiday with discounts in May begins. There are many vacationers who want to enjoy the beautiful month abroad. Some of our holiday homes and holiday apartments still have free capacity. The prices are very attractive and in some accommodations there is a discount of up to 30 percent. At the weekend, Denia, Javea and the surrounding area are popular destinations for the Spaniards. There are many special offers for the weekend. But not only the Spaniards benefit from May. The airlines between Great Britain and Spain also offer plenty of special prices. If you are not dependent on the school holidays, you have to secure the holiday bargain now. We would like to introduce you to some attractive special offers today.

Casa Alicia – vacation by the sea

We offer you an incredible May discount of 30 percent in the week of May 7th to 14th. Take advantage of this great offer and experience in one of the best places on the Costa Blanca in Javea. With direct access to the stony beach of La Barraca you can enjoy a touch of luxury.

Holiday Beach – the classic with a new look

The newly renovated and modern furnished apartment in Denia is perfectly located. Here you can spend your relaxing holiday on the beach. The residential complex offers a communal pool. But also direct access to the sandy beach of Denia – pure sun, sea and sand. The apartment is nicely furnished, with a modern flair and for the smaller purse. We are also giving a 20% discount in May.

Villa Anna – Holidays in the countryside and discount in May

Holidays can come true in this classic Spanish villa surrounded by a beautiful garden. Villa Anna has been modernized in the last 2 years and has all the amenities a holiday home needs. The pool can also be heated so that you can swim even in May. Having breakfast on the terrace in the morning, enjoying nature and the wonderful air of the well-known Cabo La Nao in Javea… that means relaxation and vacation. We are giving an incredible 30% discount in May.

These are our best examples of how you can save a lot of money by vacationing in May. There are other discounts that you can find here on our holiday rentals page : Discounts in May

Easter Break

Well into March we can say that Easter Break is just around the corner. This year it starts on Sunday April 10th and ends on Sunday April 17th. Denia and Javea are two perfect tourist destinations for these dates with an average temperature of 25-30 degrees ideal for taking the first dip of the year. The Costa Blanca has so much to offer with its paradisiacal beaches, its beautiful cliffs and its charming towns, leaving no one indifferent.

Easter Break or Holy Week is also considered the best time of the year to enjoy the rich gastronomy that these coastal towns offer without hardly any crowds. In this link you can learn more about the gastronomy of Dénia and in this one a list of our favorite restaurants in Javea.

We also recommend you go to the nearest pastry shop to try the typical Valencian “mona”. The Catholic tradition observes that the godfather/godmother gives the mona to his/her godson or daughter on Easter Sunday, although the real day to taste it is Easter Monday, a holiday in the Valencian Community.

Lastly, and surely most importantly, we have to highlight the processions that take place both in Denia and in Javea. The most religious go out on the streets to worship their Christs and virgins, accompanied by the “costaleros”, a true spectacle for the eyes.

We still have some villas and apartments available for these dates. Consult our LINK search engine to find the tourist accommodation of your dreams.

Restaurants in Javea

Javea is not yet as well known as it should be for its good and varied restaurants. It often tends to be compared to her “older sister” Denia. However, there is a colorful variety of restaurants and bars in Javea. From Spanish cuisine with its tapas, paella and traditional dishes to a fusion of cultures. Mixed cuisine; German with Spanish-Mediterranean and reinterpreted classic dishes. We also don’t want to leave out our international residents and restaurateurs. Germans, Indians, Asians, Italians, French, Colombians, Mexicans… a vast ethnic variety is available. On the other hand you can also find pubs in the old town or modern restaurants on the beach. In every corner of Javea there are opportunities to eat.

International food in Jávea

Javea has been a place to vacation thanks to the “mouth to mouth” for a long time, let’s say that it has been kept as “a secret”. But this little paradise has grown due to its territorial extension in many square kilometers like almost no other place on the Costa Blanca. This beautiful place is also being chosen more and more for events, celebrations, weddings and much more. Several restaurants and event planners offer additional services for these on-site occasions. Established restaurants in Javea often offer catering services for private parties that take place in holiday homes and villas.

Every year the International Festival is held in Jávea with the representation of a large number of countries from all the continents. It is a festival of culinary character where you can enjoy a path through the different nations that participate from “A” for Germany to “V” for Venezuela. If you are on vacation in the area during these dates, it is a must to visit.

Lastly, we do not want to forget to mention our Michelin star holders in Javea. Restaurants like Bon Amb and Tula Restaurante are very much worthy of these awards.

Here you will find some recomendations of Restaurants in Javea:

La Plaza6
Ctra. del Cap de la Nau Pla, 122
03730 Xábia, Alicante
La Plaza6

Tasca la Rebotica
Carrer Sant Bartomeu, 6
03730 Xábia, Alicante

Santa Coqueta
Carrer de la Mare de Déu dels Àngels, 2
03730 Xàbia, Alicante

Cala Bandida
Puerto de Jávea, Muelle Pesquero, s/n
03730 Xàbia, Alicante
Cala Bandida

BonAmb Restaurant
Carrer Benitachell, 100
03730 Xàbia, Alicante
BonAmb Restaurant

Tula Restaurante
Av. de la Llibertat, 36
03730 Xàbia
Tula Restaurante

Carrer Benitachell, 9
03730 Xàbia

La Casa della Pasta
Carretera del Cabo la Nao-Pla, 27
03730 Xàbia
La Casa della Pasta

If you want you can also go to Denia to discover its five restaurants with Estrella Michelin. 


Beaches and Bays in Javea

The beaches and Bays in Javea are well known for ist variety of small and large bays and its big sandy beach with a boulevard. Jávea, or Xábia as it is called by the locals, is situated on the most oriental spot of Spain, around the “Cabo La Nao” it is surrounded by water by more than 180º. That’s why this is an ideal spot to discover bays from the ground as well as by boat from the sea. Of course also sandy beach lovers will be happy in Jávea. The so called “El Arenal beach” in Jávea offers a sandy beach with a length of around 1,5 km and an adjacent boulevard with a large variety of bars, restaurants, nightlife and shopping opportunities.

Consecutively we will list you the most important beaches and bays in Javea/Xábia:

  1. El Arenal Javea
  2. La Barraca (also known as “Mar Azul” or “Portichol Beach”)
  3. La Granadella
  4. Cala Sardinera (also known as “The pirate beach Portichol”)
  5. Caleta (also known as Cala Blanca)
  6. Muntanyar 1
  7. El Port (Beach next to the port)
  8. Cala del Tangó (Beach behind the port)
  9. Cumbre del sol

El Arenal Jávea  (1)

Out of all the beaches and bays in Javea the Arenal is the most popular sandy one, with a length of around 1km. This beach is very well visited, because the water is very shallow. From small children to older visitors this beach is ideal to swim, sun bathe and play. There is also a playground for children and several volleyball nets. The beach extends from the lookout point “Punta del Castell” until the other side of the “Parador de Turismo”.Directly adjacent to the beach there is the beach promenade with a lot of bars, restaurants, shops and nightlife in Jávea.The sandy beach “El Arenal” is rewarded with the blue flag every year.

Facilities and services on the Arenal beach:

  • Rental of sunbeds and parasol
  • Life-guards and Supervision
  • Foot shower
  • Paddleboat and canoe hire
  • Floating platform (only in the high season)
  • Taxi station
  • Busstop
  • Parking spaces
  • Public Payphone
  • Fine sand

Cala de la Barraca beach or Portichol (2)

Secondly the beach of La Barraca consists mostly of medium-sized stones mixed with sand and rocks at the end. This beach is very popular for divers and water sports enthusiasts and was for many years a secret tip, because not that many people in the summer came to this beach.

Today, the beach is well known, also due to the original Spanish restaurant “La Barraca” that is known for its paella. Meanwhile, the well-known Bar Cala Clemence has also been established there for a few years. This is very popular for celebrating weddings.  In the summer you can find a canoe rental. There are some old and restored fisherman huts where the locals spend their weekends in the summer. La Barraca is a beautiful natural beach for those who want to be a little away from the tourist hassle. There is a small island called Portichol (Portixol) which is directly opposite the beach and is of great interest for conservationists.

Common facilities and services at La Barraca beach:

  • Lifeguards of the Red Cross
  • Parking spaces
  • Restaurant
  • Canoe hire
  • Diving and snorkelling
  • Opposite of the nature environment Portichol
Two villas to rent on the beach of La Barraca – privileged place!
Casa Alicia Javea

Casa Alicia, Javea, up to 10 people with direct access to the beach of La Barraca.

Casa Luna Javea

Casa Luna, Javea, up to 14 people, just behind Casa Alicia with private pool and good price.

Cala de la Granadella (3)

La Granadella is one of the southernmost bay of Javea / Xábia and consists of a mixture of stones and rocks. Due to the crystal clear water the beach or bay is very well known and popular also for divers. Many boats come here during the summer to anchor at the bay, due to the resident restaurant at this beach which is very popular. The bay is reached by a 2 km long road curve. From here, there also begins a nice walking trail to Castell de la Granadella.

  • Common facilities and services on the beach of La Granadella:
  • Lifeguards
  • Natural beach
  • Blue Flag for the bay
  • Rental of sun loungers and parasols
  • Floating platform (high season only)
  • Diving and snorkelling
  • Restaurant, WC and telephone
  • Foot shower
  • Kiosk
  • Mooring buoys
  • Parking spaces

Cala Sardinera (Pirate beach) (4)

This bay or beach consists of Middle-and large stones and is located on the north side of the Cap de la Nao and Cap Negre. This beach is only accessible by a steep path from the Cruz del Portichol. The descent is beautiful, because it leads through untouched nature. Previously, the sardine nets were designed in this bay, therefore the name. of the beach. The bay has a length of about 300 meters and it´s known for all boat lovers which anchor there during the summer months.

Properties of Cala Sardinera:

  • Nature beach
  • Snorkelling
  • Mooring buoys

Cala Blanca (La Caleta) (5)

Cala Blanca, which means “white bay” owes its name to the white cliffs and consist of two bays called Caleta 1 and Caleta 2. A narrow path connects these. You can admire magnificent structure of eroded rocks. The small, different bays consist of stones and rocks. From the parking area there are still about 200 meters to walk on a nice path until you get to the small bay. Only a few meters before the car parking there is also an original, simple, local Spanish Restaurant, overlooking the sea, which serves local dishes.

Facilities and properties of Cala Blanca:

  • Stones and rocks
  • Beautiful rock formations
  • Beach promenade
  • Parking spaces
  • Mooring buoys
  • Snorkelling

Muntanyar I (6)

Under Muntanyar I, we understand the distance between the point Parador (end of El Arenal Javea) to the port area. This section consists of rocks, which are mostly flat and partly the sea is accessible by construction ladders. On this beach you can find lots of natural Tosca stones as it is were they where mined earlier. Along the beach Muntanyar from May to October you can find the “beach bars” that are temporarily constructed bars along the coats, which is popular for the tourists as well as residents to have a drink, a bite to eat and to enjoy the view of the sea. However there are also all year round opened bars and restaurants, such as La Siesta (Beach Club) and the Montgo di Bongo.

Facilities and features of Muntanyar I:

  • Length of 2 km
  • Parking spaces
  • Rocks
  • Swimming and snorkelling
  • Beach bars in the season
  • Restaurants
  • View point Sequía de la Noria

El Port (Playa de Grava) (7)

The “Playa de Grava” translated stone beach, located south of the port of Javea, belongs to the district Aduanas del Mar. This beach is popular for residents at the port and the city centre. Next to the beach you will find the harbour promenade with its many shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and supermarkets.

Common facilities and services at La Grava El Port:

  • Rental of sun loungers and parasols
  • Lifeguards
  • Beach promenade
  • Bus Stop
  • Taxi statios
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • City beach
  • Tourist Information
  • Parking spaces
  • Public telephone
  • Snorkelling
  • Stone beach

Cala del Tangó (8)

The beach and the bay Tangó or Pope is located behind the port of Javea, just below the Cabo of San Antonio. The beach has been taken away long time ago by the waves of the sea, however it is still possible to enjoy several small bays which are connected by a footbridge. You will also find the restaurant El Tango.

Properties of beach El Tango:

  • Stone and rock beach
  • Restaurants
  • Parking spaces
  • Viewpoint and pier

Beach in Cumbre del sol – Cala de Moraig (9)

Finally we would like to mention Cumpre del sol even though it is not part of Javea it belongs to Benitachell. However we would like to mention this beautiful beach as it is only 10 to 15 minutes away by car from Javea and its very popular. This beach is a stone beach and thanks to the mountain it is very sheltered and surrounded by beautiful nature. It is common to many divers and water sports enthusiasts.

Common facilities and services at the beach Cala de Moraig:

  • Kiosk
  • Beach bar
  • Rental of sun loungers and parasols
  • Natural beach
  • Parking spaces
  • Diving and snorkelling
  • Lifeguards
  • Walking Trail

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