Beaches in Denia

On a coastline of 20 km there are various beach types: In the north of Denia is the area “Las Marinas” with long sandy beaches. In the south of Denia is the area of “Las Rotas” which begins with a long sandy beach and then turns into beautiful rocky coves with cristal clear waters, some of them hidden and with astonishing views over the coast.

For all the beaches in Denia international certificates were issued, the certificate ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management. Year after year, most beaches in Dénia receive the Blue Flag, the symbol in Europe for a clean beach and clean sea. We are very proud of this since it is a difficult distinction to obtain and even more for so many consecutive years. The blue flag badge is a quality certificate that gives the beach where it is located a superior distinction for bringing together a series of qualities such as: excellence, safety and quality.

Learn more about the blue flag beaches in Dénia through this link.

Similarly, the wealth of fauna and flora on the sea floor along the coast of Dénia classifies it out as a place of particular interest.

The Beaches in Denia can be Divided in two Areas:

 “Las Marinas”

Punta del Raset
Les Bovetes
Els Molins
Les Deveses

“Las Rotas”

Marineta Casiana
El Trampolí
Punta Negra
La Cala de Agua dulce