Boat trips Denia

We want to show you this photo of Montgó that we have taken on a boat trip from the sea in Denia. It is an ideal plan for the summer: going by boat from the port of Denia to Cabo de San Antonio to appreciate the beauty of nature that Denia offers. You can see the Montgó Natural Park, all the coves of Las Rotas, La Torre de Gerro and the Cova Tallada.

In Denia, there are several exciting options for boat trips to explore the beautiful Mediterranean coast and its surroundings. Here are some popular options:

Excursion to the Cabo de San Antonio Marine Reserve: This natural reserve offers crystal clear waters ideal for diving and snorkeling. Many boat excursions include stops so passengers can enjoy these activities and explore the area’s unique marine life.

Walk through the coves and caves: Denia has an impressive coastline, dotted with coves and hidden caves. Boat excursions will take you to discover these natural gems, where you can relax on quiet beaches and admire the beauty of the surroundings.

Trip to the island of Ibiza or Formentera: If you are looking for a longer adventure, some companies offer boat excursions to the nearby islands of Ibiza or Formentera. These excursions usually last several days and include accommodation on board the ship.

These are just some of the options available for boat excursions in Denia. The city has a wide range of tour companies offering different types of tours, from short walks to longer adventures. Boat trips in Denia are always a good plan!