Diving in Denia

Thanks to the diversity of flora and fauna on the seabed along the coast, diving in Denia is one of the main activities. The rocky coves of the Las Rotas area and the cliffs of Cabo de San Antonio are an ideal diving area, which was declared a marine reserve due to all the diferent species found at the bottom of the sea. In this paradise you can find lobsters, corvinas,octopuses, scorpions, even some rays. Different species of fish live in this reserve. As for the flora, there are posidonia meadows and red algae.

Within the marine reserve you can only dive with a special permit. The number of permits that can be granted at the Denia Tourist Office is limited for each day so make sure you have this before you go otherwise you can get a really high fine. If you don´t have time for this you can always snorkle or dive in another area of Denia or Javea, there are many places to see!

This is a list of the best places to dive or snorkel:

  • El Trampoli Beach
  • Black Point Beach
  • Arenetes Beach
  • San Antonio Cape Marine Reserve

In this web you can find the best plans and routes for diving in Denia.

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