Diving in Javea

Thanks to the large diversity of flora and fauna of the sea ground, diving in Javea is one of the most famous activities in the area. It is also do to the great variety of coasts along Javea and Denia and its big diversity of caves.  The rocky bay and the cliffs of the Cabo de la Nao are very famous. Even Cabo de San Antonio has ideal areas for diving. These were declared marine reserve due to the large variety found on the sea ground. Within the marine reserve you may only dive with a special permit.

Diving in Javea

The diving permits in the reserve are restricted daily. These are granted in the Tourism Office in Denia.

Dives in the Cabo de la Nao:

Its diversity of flora and founa of the sea ground makes it so atractive:

La pared negra:

Area situated next to the Cabo de la Nao with a cliff junto which is only accessible by boat. The water is crystal clear and there is a vast diversity of colours and shadows on the sea ground. Due to the light coming through next to the cliffs and penetrating the cave. The cave has a width that allows any diver with minimum “open water” experience to dive through.

La Virgen:

This is a diving experience in Javea next to the Cala Sardinera. It is accesible by boat as are the mayority of dives in Javea. This is a dive that is not very deep, only up to 14m. You can see a statue of a Virgin that has sunk to the sea ground. Once you have reached the statue you continue. You may cross a shortage between two walls below the water until you get to a wall with no exit. If you look up at this very moment you can see the sun beams penetrate the water through a hole above you. The same through which you can emerge up to a depth of 10m and continue the dive.

El Moraig:

Without doubt one of the best dives! This dive is medium level, it is possible to do it with the “open water” but it is recommened that you are accompanied by a guide or a friend with and “advanced” divers’ title. The dive is started from the ground, all equipment will be taken to a cave, where you will find a hole with a diameter of about 3m. This is where the dive starts and as the whole suits about 6 divers at a time, once everybody is ready and equipped you will start the dive pair by pair.

You will immerse about 5 to 7 meters and you will pass through a tunnel which is around 10m long. You will continue the dive until you will access a cave in which you can emerge until the surface. Once you got there you will see the sun beams pass through a hole at a hight of approximately 10 to 20m above you and you will see the crystal clear water. This is all an adventure!

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